Chante Piano Trio

“[The Young Chamber Musicians Competition] was incredibly enlightening. It was a wonderful experience to have that pressure, and that’s what I think competitions really do allow: this raw motivation with a clear incentive just for you to absolutely do your best and exceed what you perceive as the limits of your creativity. We had a really wonderful time participating.” Maria Parrini, pianist

The Chante Piano Trio returns to WDAV a year after their first-place win in WDAV’s inaugural Young Chamber Musicians Competition. The trio is comprised of Maria Parrini, Stephen Hawkey, and Paul Aguilar.

As WDAV prepares to launch the second Young Chamber Musicians Competition, the trio recalls their experiences in the competition and tells us what’s ahead in their musical careers.  They also perform pieces by Mozart, Ravel, and Mendelssohn during their visit to the WDAV John Clark Performance Studio.

Learn more about the 2015 Young Chamber Musicians Competition.

Program Audio: Chante Piano Trio